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 I’ve got some great news for all you black library fans out there. Here is the projected news and other such things from BL for the month of August.  We’ve got some real hum-dingers here!  And a new Black Library product that is sure to tickle your fancy!


Black Library News

A Universe of Adventure
Issue 6    Volume 1               
Compiled by your humble servant Brother Czarny
New and Noteworthy
No new awards this month, but an exciting announcement from Mr. Dunn on a new Black Library product, more on that below.  This month, however, we have maintained the path to total world domination!

Space Marine Battles has quickly proven to be a favourite with fans.  Both of the previous titles Rynn’s World and Helsreach have maintained positions on the Nielsen Bookscan charts.  The latest offering is entitled Hunt for Voldorius by Andy Hoare.   In Hunt for Voldorius old debts must be settled and new dangers encountered.  Kernax Voldorius, daemon prince and warlord of the Alpha Legion, has long perpetrated a reign of terror that bled across the stars, leaving billions dead.   Kor’sarro Khan of the White Scars Chapter is commanded to hunt down and destroy Voldorius.   Tracking the beast for over a decade, Kor’sarro finally brings the monster to battle on the world of Quintus, where he joins forces with the Raven Guard.   The daemon must die, but to kill it they must take on a world that has totally fallen to Chaos.


Fear the Alien features tales detailing the alien races of the 41st millennium.   Some of the best Black Library authors have been gathered in one volume to give a different view of the universe.  Dangerous races seek to destroy humanity wherever they turn – the brutish orks, the ravening hordes of the tyranids, the unrelenting necrons and the mysterious forces of the tau and the eldar.  Across the universe, humanity and their defenders, the Space Marines, seek to eradicate these xenos threats.  Yet all they can hope for is another day of survival – for to stand against the alien is to enter an unending war.


C.L. Werner strikes again!   Temple of the Serpent is the next book in the stories of Grey Seer Thanquol.   After a series of failures Grey Seer Thanquol is offered a chance to redeem himself by going to the island of Lustria to kill the Prophet of Sotek.   Dogged by assassins and stranded in a foreign land of giant lizards, temple cities and endless jungle, Thanquol must use all of his cunning and magic if he is to come out alive.  Grey Seer Thanquol is a classic evil character made for the fantasy world.  C.L. will be a Black Library guest this year at Games Day in Baltimore so come by and talk to him about this character.

Whispers from the Warp
The Black Library is going to start an online magazine for short stories and novellas – new authors and old favourites starting in October called Hammer and Bolter.  The first issue is going to be free and downloadable.  The rest of the details will be available on the Black Library website –
Nemesis, Path of the Warrior and Enforcer are overall best-selling books on Bookscan at the moment. Eisenhorn, Ravenor and The Founding have all been the top TPSF sellers for over fifty weeks.

A Q&A with Inquisition Wars author Ian Watson:
Clint Werner is the current guest blogger for the Black Library this month:
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Looking Forward

Sabbat Worlds is a hardcover anthology edited and featuring stories by Dan Abnett as well as several close friends writing about the Sabbat Worlds from their viewpoint.  The Sabbat Worlds crusade is a bitter conflict that has spanned decades and can only end in victory or annihilation.  The anthology features some of the Black Library’s best-known authors including Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, Aaron Dembski-Bowden and many more.

Blood Pact is the paperback version of Dan’s best selling Gaunt’s Ghosts novel. Even though the Ghosts are pulled back from the front lines, they are never far from the action.  When an enemy prisoner is brought in for interrogation, Gaunt is drawn into a murderous web of intrigue.  A cloud of doubt is cast across the administration and the reason for this prisoner’s appearance.  The fate of the crusade may rest upon these answers if Gaunt can survive long enough to find them.

Preparing for the new Ciaphas Cain novel in December, the Black Library’s most dedicated are pleased to release Defender of the Imperium, the second Ciaphas Cain omnibus.  This thick tome features the novels Death or Glory, Duty Calls and Cain’s Last Stand plus two short stories.  Look for Sandy’s new novel – The Emperor’s Finest – his first hardcover out in December.

Last and not forgotten we slid in Zombieslayer by Nathan Long in time to prep you for Halloween.  This is the twelfth book in the Gotrek and Felix series.  The novel features the necromancer Heinrich Kemmler, zombie hordes and the portents of doom – and they don’t even try to hide in a pub!  This follows-up the cliffhanger ending of Shamanslayer and gives G&F a little break before the next novel.

Last Bits
Games Day is just around the corner – a veritable author-rama! The estimable Dan Abnett will be making a limited appearance at the BL booth.  The rest of the time you can see him promoting the upcoming Ultramarines DVD.  We can also confirm Mike Lee, Nathan Long, Clint Werner and the ever popular and ever shifty Gav Thorpe. For those of you who are planning to stop by or would like to come circle the date – 21 August – on your calendar.  Aside from Mr. Abnett the rest of the authors have been indentured to sign the day away, so keep them busy or they start plotting. We have two seminars on tap which are sure to be fun and always give an insight on what is coming out over the next year.
Just to give you the inside track, we will be producing an abridged version of Horus Rising as an audiobook for January 2011.  I have asked to give us all parts to read, but THEY want to use professionals. It will be priced at $29.95 for 5 disks and close to six hours of killer story.  I have been told that other audiobooks are in the works – stay tuned for more information.

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