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Far Worlds by Various Authors – Book Review [Bane of Kings]


Milo aka “Bane of Kings”, reviews the latest self-published anthology from the Bolthole, a collection of authors responsible for The Black Wind’s Whispers and Marching Time. Unlike the last two books with their focus on horror and time travel, Far Worlds focuses on science fiction.

An excellent collection of short stories – Far Worlds is a great place to explore what science fiction has to offer – as its stories are all consistently strong and entertaining, even if they may be of varying length.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

Votum Infernus by Nick Kyme – eBook Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius finished off the Legion of the Damned collection with Votum Infernus by Nick Kyme.

“A solid tale of retribution and brutality, the best kind for the Legion.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Ship of the Damned by C Z Dunn – Short Story Review [Bellarius]


After some delays, Bellarius returns to the Legion of the Damned short stories with C Z Dunn’s Ship of the Damned.

“Fast paced and detailed, Dunn keeps you wanting to see what happens to the characters next.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Kaldor Draigo: Knight of Titan by L.J. Goulding – Short Story Review [Bellarius]


Making a start on Black Library’s Lord of the Space Marines tales, Bellarius analyses where Kaldor Draigo: Knight of Titan just doesn’t work.

“Bland, self-defeating and empty.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

From The Flames by Graeme Lyon – eBook Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius keeps going with the Legion of the Damned collection with Graeme Lyon’s From the Flames.

“A story with potential, but is ultimately harmed by its unusual limitations.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

The Dark Hollows of Memory by David Annadale – eBook Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius continues with a look at the Legion of the Damned short stories, moving onto David Annadale’s The Dark Hollows of Memory.

“A strong short tale, with enough bolterfire to keep any reader interested until the final page.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Animus Malorum by L J Goulding – eBook Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius begins looking into the series of Legion of the Damned short stories released by Black Library, starting with Animus Malorum by L J Golding.

“Proof that an interesting idea cannot make a good story on its own.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Marching Time by Various Authors – Anthology Review [Eroldren]


Eroldren looks over at the latest theme anthology from the Bolthole forum writing community, Marching Time, covering the myriad subject of Time Traveling.

Showcases varied time periods and locations of remarkable Bolthole imagination to be found throughout this curious collection.” – Eroldren, The Founding Fields

Assault on Holy Terra by William King – Short Story Review [Bellarius]


Bellarius takes a look at the cataclysmic finale of the Horus Heresy with William King’s Assault on Holy Terra.

“A forgotten gem of a tale which truly does the legend of the Siege of Terra justice” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

Top DC Comics For October [Shadowhawk]

Aquaman 24

Shadowhawk takes a look at and talks about the top DC comics to watch out for in October, single issues and graphic novels alike.