The Passion Gene: A New Insight Into the Works of Louis de Savy

The Passion Gene marks the first novel written by Louis de Savy. From an Anglo-French family, Louis has been involved in conflicts of medicine and politics that have enriched his knowledge of such matters, encouraging him to put pen to paper with inspiration from his medical background. He studied medical science in London and later became a highly regarded hospital consultant. Louis de Savy has experienced controversial medical situations in a number of locations over the world, which helped him to gain a wide perspective on health care issues. During this time, he was shocked to spectate the NHS using being used by governments as a ‘political football’ and undoing previous policies of healthcare as it continued. Savy’s previous experience in writing includes writing about medical advances in journalist articles and books. His choice to turn to fiction writing came in his retirement, the subject being one that has always fascinated him; The Passion Gene studies the hidden destinies imposed on us by our genes.

louis de savyLouis de Savy says that in his medical career, he has come across every aspect of human interest and frailties be they emotional, political, social, familial, personal, health related or even international. His inspiration is that of the prolific playwright and novelist, Somerset Maughan. The Passion Gene tells a story of how a couple become lovers through their united common professional interests, a shared love of culture as well as irresistible emotional and physical attraction. It seems that their illicit life together is too good to be true, though this is overseen by an increasingly powerful tide of desire. Savy uses the knowledge he has gained in his career as well as through his writing experience to bring about a novel of political, scientific and emotional importance.

The character we are introduced to, Robin Chesham, is a successful consultant surgeon interested in the workings of genetics. He meets a young woman, Georgiana Gilmour, at an international medical conference and the attraction between the two appears to be magnetic; immediate, mutual and strong. However, there is an air of controversy where Robin is sure that he has met Georgiana before. They soon become lovers and indulge in a life together for the unforeseeable future. Soon a chance meeting comes about which opens up a secret from their past. It is revealed to Robin why he feels so drawn to Georgiana, and she to him as well. This shock of fate may challenge the couple, but it is not the last in store.

The novel is set in 1990, a turbulent year of the last decade of the 20th century. Many national and international events occurred including a Middle East War. Louis de Savy has used the culture of this time to represent how the increasing realisation that genes, which form our Nature, were overtaking Nurture, the politically engineered destruction of our Welfare System. He draws on his past experience of the workings of the NHS and acknowledges faults of society, such as a covert relationship between politicians in power and journalism. This rich and well-explored subtext demonstrate by Louis de Savy is what makes this novel more than just a romance, but a fascinating challenge to modern society.

The author says: “How best getting the public interested in the mood of that time as well as in the rapidly increasing domination of genes, than to have two active and high flying professionals fall in love through the latter’s power and indulging in a torrid and hedonistic relationship while analysing the response to their emotions?” Louis hints at a female sufferer whose cancer was determine by her inheritance, the victim of a familial gene. Such a tragedy then becomes intertwined with the characters’ intricate relationship.

Louis de Savy has a clear passion for the workings of nature and nurture, specifically on how genetics have developed over time. His use of familiar yet complex themes is what gives this novel clarity, independence and respect.

Night Walker: Aaron Speer’s Take on the Unwritten Side of Vampires


“Although I rarely read vampire stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. An erotic and exciting tale about vampires in Australia.” Amazon review


Vampire fiction is a genre sure to have been covered by most avid readers, however Aaron Speer’s new novel is certainly not your typical vampire story. Set in Sydney, Australia, Night Walker strays from the cliche Gothic castles you may find in the novels surrounding this one on your local library bookshelf.

Why I wrote Run & Break by Hugh Pryor.


One night, Hugh Pryor was having a beer when a lovely blonde forensic scientist from Yorkshire came up to me and said: ‘Hugh, we’ve run out of books to read. Go and write us a book! You write articles for magazines, so just make them a bit longer!” That was to be the start of Hugh’s writing career.

He tells The Founding Fields all about how his experiences flying in Africa on contract inspired his first book Run & Break.

Author Margaret Morgan on Her Past And Mrs McKeiver’s Secrets.


Author Margaret Morgan was born in 1950. Her farm was two and a half miles from the village of Leintwardine in Herefordshire. Mrs McKeiver’s character entered her head when she first thought of a character to hold everything together in the Hills; her fictional area. I expect she is an amalgam of my mother and her two grandmothers. Coming from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire they were fearless, strong women. 

A Wizard of Dreams. A Rare Gem Nestled in The Kindle Store.


Hordes of books pile ever higher in The Amazon Kindle Store: thousands of new ones per day. Who has the time to check them all out? No one… And who defines ‘quality’ anymore…?

At The Founding Fields and Publishing Push we’re always on the lookout for hidden gems amongst those piles of books: quality-writing by little known authors unlikely to be noticed unless people like us draw your attention to them. But how to find them – that’s the challenge. That’s why a review by accomplished writer Stephan Myers caught our eye recently. He was writing about Robin Chambers’ book A Wizard of Dreams (Book 1 in the Myrddin’s Heir series):

Ian Ingram On Writing About What You Know.


Ian Ingram is a firm believer in the age old advice that you should write about what you know. He has used his extensive knowledge and experience working in antiques to write a gripping novel. Many of the staff here at Publishing Push have been reading the book and we can’t put it down! Ian talks about his inspiration for writing Old Secrets.

Fearbreeders: A New Reading Experience by Richard James


Author Richard James stops by TFF to sink our collective psyche into the murk of uncertainty! He literally blew our minds with this new concept of his. Have a look and see for yourself how your experience with eBooks may never be the same again. Richard gives a look behind his process for creating his new novel Fearbreeders and how making it a “cross-media” project may have just changed the game… for the better!

“There’s a strong possibility that Fearbreeders may be the most innovative use of cross-media I’ve ever seen… Richard James has just changed the game, folks.” -Commissar Ploss, The Founding Fields

Tim Weed Talks About How History Formed The Characters In His Novel


Tim Weed, author of Will Poole’s Island stops by TFF and gives us a look at how history had a pivotal role in shaping the characters in his new novel!


Gods of Mars by Graham McNeill – Book Review [Bellarius]


Looking into the third installment of the Adeptus Mechanicus series by Graham McNeill, Bellarius lays out his thoughts on this latest turn of events.

“Ambitious, but the sea of ideas, characters and plot twists drowns out much of its potential.” – Bellarius, The Founding Fields

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett – Book Review [Bane of Kings]

City of Stairs

Milo, aka “Bane of Kings”, reviews Robert Jackson Bennett’s critically praised fantasy novel, City of Stairs, published by Broadway Books in the USA and Jo Fletcher Books in the UK. This review copy was sent by the publisher, and It is currently available to buy now.

“An excellent novel that will pull you in with an imaginative world and fascinating characters. It’s one of those books that you won’t be able to stop reading, and it’s one of those books that definitely lives up to all the hype.” ~Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields